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5 Stylish Face Masks for Women

Since we are at a time where face masks is mandatory in many places and does not seem to go away any time soon. We might as well add some style to it.

These masks are not FDA approved and not intended for medical use.

Levi's Re-Usable Reversible Face Mask

Price: $15.00 - at the time of writing

If you love Levi's as much as I do, why not add a facemask to it. I found them to be of high quality, as you would expect from Levi's, very comfortable and are totally machine washable. Did I mention you get 3 in a pack?

Tip: I would recommend before you buy these to take the mask you currently wear and measure that, to get an idea of which size to order.

Get yours on Amazon:

Billy T

Price: $12.99 - at the time of writing

If patterns and stretchiness is important to you, then Billy T masks is for you. With 29 designs to choose from. It consist of 15% Lycra, which means it can stretch and fit comfortably over you face. The fabric is also breathable making glasses fog up less.

Get yours from Amazon:

Toes Home 6PCS

Price: $14.90 - at the time of writing

If scarf type masks is more your thing, then these are great. What I love about these type masks is not only don't I lose them, they also keep me warm in winter as well as serving as a mask. What is even better you get 6 in a pack, and they have 17 pack varieties.

Get yours on Amazon:

Leg Avenue Women's Rhinestone Fashionable Face Mask

Price: $13.64 to $14.95 - at the time of writing

You want to look fashionable and glamorous, don't let a face mask spoil your look. They are comfortable and have some stretch to them as as they are 5% polyester. You can choose from 9 designs.

Get yours from Amazon:


Price: $19.99 to $21.99 - at the time of writing

What sets this mask apart from the rest, it that it has a 5 layer replaceable filter in it. Which can filter smoke, pollen pollution and everything to keep you health. The design range is not as extensive as the others, but it filters far more than any of the other masks in this article.

Get yours on Amazon:

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