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NAD+ what is it, how does it work, and why you can't live without it.

I am not going to bore you with the history of NAD's and how we as humans came to discover them. What I am going to do is tell you briefly why we have them, why you need more of them as you age, and how do you get more of it.

In the simplest form without NAD+ you will die.

Why do we have NAD+

NAD+ is a coenzyme whose main function is to convert food and nutrients to cells. More specifically to the mitochondria of your cells which is like the battery pack of each and every cell in your body. Without it, your cells will not be able to use the energy from food and you cells will die.

The second very important function of NAD+ is its role in making sirtuin proteins work. They preserve the telomeres of your DNA. Let me explain, telomeres are the endcaps of your DNA. Think of it as the protective sleeves at the end of your shoelaces. Once those plastic ends of your shoelaces are worn off, the laces unravel and the laces become useless. Telomeres do the same thing with your DNA, it protects your chromosomes from unravelling. The trick is that every time our cells copies themselves the telomeres get shorter until it is so short that replication can no longer take place. People with longer telomeres in midlife will live longer than those with shorter ones. NAD+ is vital in prolonging the telomeres at the end of our DNA, which in effect makes us live longer and healthier.

Why do you need more NAD+

NAD+ naturally declines as we grow older, which is one of the main reasons we decline with age. Which makes it vitally important to replenish your NAD+ so that you can live longer and healthier.

How do you get more of it?

There are natural ways you can get more of it. One of the natural ways is to fast regularly, this has been found through numerous studies that NAD+ increases naturally as we go into fasting periods. This does require 16 hours and longer on a somewhat regular basis especially as we get older. Studies have also found that very low calorie and high nutrition diets also increases NAD+.

Until fairly recently there was no other way to get sufficient quantities of NAD+ as we age. However modern science has been able to produce NAD+ in supplements these days which can be taken either in pills, mouth sprays and even in IV form.

As someone who uses NAD+ on a daily basis, I can tell you that it makes a huge difference and one of the most effective products I have come across is Qualia Life, it can replenish your NAD+ reserves to a level that is life-changing. Not only for longevity but also for feeling energised and full of life.

If you use coupon code HEALTHHACKING at checkout you will even get 15% off your first order.

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