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Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits

I have mentioned how apple cider vinegar can aid weight loss on my YouTube channel in the video “The Hormone that Makes you Fat” as a hack to help you reach your weight loss goals even faster. What I didn’t explain is all the benefits, and they are extensive.

Concerning weight loss, apple cider vinegar helps improve your insulin response, which means that less energy from your blood sugar will be stored as fat. In addition to that, it also speeds up your metabolism.

What I did not know is that it has great benefits for your skin and a great help for acne. It is also proven to lower cholesterol, and it is also an appetite suppressant, improved pH levels and digestion. And on top of it, apple cider vinegar is cheap and easily accessible.

I found a great book by Kimberly Scott that shows you hundreds of uses for apple cider vinegar as well as recipes. If you are serious about losing weight and your health in general, you can’t ignore this book, especially for the price.

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