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Bland Diet Summary

What is a bland diet, and who is it for?

A Bland Diet is typically followed to give your digestive system a bit of a break. The symptoms that indicate that a Bland Diet may be needed are ulcers, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and gas or after intestinal surgery.

In broad terms, the Bland Diet consists of food low in fibre and fat, that are soft, cooked and very mildly seasoned. Almost all raw fruits, vegetables and fried foods are avoided including any drinks containing Xanthine and alcohol.

What foods are allowed on a Bland Diet?


· All low fat non-flavoured dairy products

· Mildly flavoured cheeses like cottage cheese


· All fruit juices

· All cooked or canned fruits as long as the skins and seeds are removed.

· Bananas

· Avocados

Vegetables – Must be cooked or canned

· Beets

· Carrots

· Green beans

· Mushrooms

· Pumpkin

· Green peas

· Potatoes

· Sweet Potatoes

· Spinach

· Squash

· Asparagus Tips


· Anything made from white refined flours without seeds or wholewheat.

· Cooked refined cereals like oatmeal, puffed rice and corn flakes.

· All kinds of pasta

· Couscous

Meat Related

· All poultry

· Fish

· Shellfish

· Bacon

· Eggs

· Tofu

What is a Bland Diet meal like?

A Bland Diet meal does not have to be boring and there are amazing recipes and recipe books out there. Below I have included a few with some that contain delicious recipes.

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