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Body Fat Scales, Omron Body Composition Monitor and Scale

When it comes to weight loss, traditional bathroom scales are lacking in a serious way. The problem is that they only weigh your mass, and that can change during the day. And if you incorporate exercise into your weight loss habits, you may find that you gain weight, as muscle is building, yet you still lose fat.

There is a better way, a class of scales commonly known as Body Fat Scales. The way they work, the scale will send a very weak electrical signal through your body and depending on the resistance the signal encounters it uses an algorithm to work out your body composition.

One of the most trusted body fat scales is the Omron Body Composition Monitor and Scale.

What can it do?

It can measure your weight, maybe a little obvious.

What makes the other measurements so accurate is that it uses sensors on multiple contact point. It uses both your feet and hands, which gives it more information than if it had contact points only at your feet.

The more helpful feature is the Body Fat Percentage, and this is important, because you could be losing water and not fat. And it also helps you to know how much of the weight you lost is actually fat.

It can also measure you Skeletal Muscle. This is important to know, because muscles burns 22% of your calories and you want to monitor this to ensure you are not losing any muscle. Preferably you would like to add some.

Visceral Fat, was a game changer for me in my weightloss journey. This shows you how much of your body fat is around your organs. Even for people who are not visibly overweight could have visceral fat, which cause heart, liver and kidney problems.

Body Age, is a good indicator of how good your overall health is. It shows you how old your body is in relation with your calendar age. When I first got it, my calendar age was 37, but my body age was 46. This was a major motivator for me to stay healthy and fit. And I am glad to say that I have brought my body age down to 39.

Overall, it is very accurate for a home body composition monitor and fat measurement scale. I have tested this against a BodPod, which is one of the most accurate and expensive ways to test it. The Omron was 0.5% off, which is incredible. But you have to use it absolutely correctly.

Usage tips:

Use a level hard surface, I have used it on carpet before and it becomes less accurate.

Take your body composition immediately after waking up and you have urinated, no shower, no drinking water, no eating, no exercise, no brushing your teeth first. After you have taken your body composition measurements you can go do all those things.

What does it not do?

It does not integrate with an app, it only stores your measurements on the device for 90 days and can keep track of 4 people's measurements. The trade off for this is the accuracy.


If accurate body composition measurements is important to you, the Omron is for you. If accuracy is not so important, but the convenience of an app or a cool looking design is important to you, the the Omron may not be for you.

Get yours on Amazon:

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