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Smoothie Diet Unpacked

Smoothie Diets are not only a great way to lose weight, but it does something even more important. And that is that it lowers your weight set-point.

If you are wondering what weight set-point is, it is basically your weight thermostat. When your weight gets too high you will feel the need to stop eating, and if it gets too low no amount of willpower can stop you from eating. If you would like to know exactly how this works, I have a YouTube video that explains it:

What are the benefits of Smoothies

Apart from the fact that it can lower your set-point, it also provides your body with a ton of micro-nutrients. It is often said that macro-nutrients will keep you alive, but micro-nutrients is what keeps you healthy. Micronutrients is not only the vitamins and minerals you need, it is also enzymes that you mostly get in raw fruits and vegetables.

The second benefit, is that it provides you with a low calorie highly nutritious way to dampen hunger. Which in the end will mean that if you just replace 1 meal per day with a smoothie you could be cutting your calories with up to 20%. This really depends on what meal you replace it with and what you would normally be eating fro that meal.

Smoothies are easy to make, and I have timed this it does not take longer to make a smoothie than a packed lunch, and you can make it in the morning and have it for breakfast or take it with you and have it for lunch.

What to put into a smoothie

Here is where most people break their smoothie and make it less effective. Ideally it should have less than 50% fruit, the rest should be vegetables. Especially green ones, like spinach and kale. Adding 10% of nuts is also a great way to make it more satiating, but be careful of cashew nuts. It tends to very quickly have more cons than pros as it is very high in calories, almonds is much better.

If you don't want to think about what to put into a smoothie, here is a list of GREAT recipes that I have tried and love.

Smoothie recipe resources:

Drew's Smoothie recipes, I have made a 5 day YouTube series testing this one and lost 5lbs and 6 inches in 5 days by just replacing 1 meal a day with one of these smoothies.

Superfood Smoothies, is a book on Amazon that also has 100 recipes of smoothies designed to boost your energy levels and focuses strongly on micronutrients.

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