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Sign Up Step By Step Tutorial

Pursuing the Herbalife Business Opportunity allows you to earn extra income and purchase products at a discounted price.

Being a great business partner Herbalife starts granting you a 25% comission from every single sale you  do; this comission percentage can eventually increase to 50% depending on you performance selling products. So if you have a sale of $200 In this level Herbalife would grant you $100....

All your sales are being tracked and documented through a personal link that Herbalife provides you once you finish the process of becoming a distributor (GoHerbalife link).
Your products have to be sold through that link in order for you to get comission and upgrade levels.

Step 1: My Herbalife

Go to
On the right hand side of the site under the "Join Herbalife" box click "Apply Online"
Start by creating an Account providing your email address and creating a password.​

Step 2: Choose Your Membership

In this section, you will be asked if you would like to become a Herbalife Preferred Member or a Herbalife Distributor.
A Herbalife Preferred Member is not able to do any sales. Is a person who is looking to consume a product at a discounted price and structure a link with their Herbalife Coach.
If you are pursuing the Herbalife Business Opportunity we will click "Sign Up As A Distributor"

Step 3: Sponsors Credentials

There is no way that you can become a Herbalife Distributor without providing the required Sponsors Credentials.

So in "Sponsors Herbalife ID" we will type:

​ln the "Sponsors Last Name (First 3 Letters) we will write:

Once you have done this correctly you should receive a message saying :
"This is my intended Sponsor"
     "Rene Mouton"

Step 4: Provide Personal Information

Once you have completed the Sponsors Id Section you are going to provide your personal Information
Where it asks you for your SSN (Social Security Number) (Optional).

If your address is going to be the US and you have a SSN I would recommend you to put one since in a future they may ask for it.
After filling up your Personal Information you are going to be asked to provide your Residential Address and Your Phone Number.

*If you are joining Herbalife with your spouse as a joint account Select the following box that states that you would like to add your spouse as part of the Herbalife Distributorship*

Step 5: Create A Pin Code

Create a 6 to 8 characters Personal Identification Number

Step 6: Read The Standard Guarantees

The following page will explain you everything you need to know when you are becoming a Herbalife Distributor.

You're going to learn about the profit potential, the Rules that you will have to follow while working with the company and that building a successful Herbalife business takes skill, hard work and time.
Click I have read and understand this message and go to the next step

Step 7: Read The Application Agreement

Read the application agreement and answer why are you becoming a Herbalife Independent Distributor:

* Be able to purchase Herbalife products at a discount for your own or your household's consumption.

* Pursue the Herbalife Business Opportunity.

* For some other reason (Please Specify).

Step 8: Review Your Application

Review your basic Information, Adress and etc and go to the next step.

Final Step: Get Your International Business Pack

Pay the one time Affiliate fee of $94.10 and get your International Business Pack which comes with a 3 Day Trial of Herbalife products, training booklets and Herbalife pins that will help you boost your business. 

*There are no required purchases other than the initial Distributorship Kit (The $94.10 for the International Business Pack).
Confirm your Shipping Address for the package  and select your billing address.
Click Next

Welcome to Herbalife!

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